I like bees and bugs and butts and glasses.
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* Monday, July 21 *
literally listening to this right now??? WHAT ARE THE CHANCES

There are no chances. All is Sia. Sia is all. The air is filled with the sound of only Chandelier now. Everyone wears a white bob wig. We live swinging on chandeliers for the rest of our lives. 1,2,3. 1,2,3 drink…

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Like tomorrow doesn&#8217;t exist&#8230;
I&#8217;m really into the music video and live performances for this song.

Like tomorrow doesn’t exist…

I’m really into the music video and live performances for this song.

(Source: tewi.us)

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* Saturday, July 19 *

Kiwi likes bird related humor. He also likes to poke his beak on his favorite internet posts. He kept tapping it.

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* Wednesday, July 16 *

I dressed as a pirate for a costume party at work tonight. I even won a prize! All is well in my world.

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* Tuesday, July 15 *


my long time buddy xraybeeb and i decided to do a goofy back and forth “draw what ya damn want” comic where magic and pasta is real. 

i did the first panel, she did the second, i did the third, etc.

Our magic has combined to form this comic for all to enjoy and cry about for ages to come. This will be the ultimate relic in history.

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* Thursday, July 10 *

New haircut! Kiwi likes to be in all my selfies.

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* Wednesday, July 9 *

Yog Doodles with & without color.

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* Tuesday, July 8 *



If interested, please email me at jaquieha@gmail.com with the subject “commission”, and the following:

- what type of commission you’d like

- at least 1 visual reference, linked (no attached files please)

- the email address I should send the payment request to (do NOT send a payment until you’ve received one!)

- the expression/pose you want (or I can choose this instead!)

Payment upfront, USD only. If I get any bites, I’m aiming to get them done by Friday night. Oh, and SFW requests only!

Thanks for your consideration! <3


1. simmo




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* Friday, July 4 *

Here’s my July 4th look this year.

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* Thursday, June 26 *
The Ryu goes: &#8220;BLEeeeEhh&#8221;The burger pattern is my new blog background and now I feel a little more complete inside.

The Ryu goes: “BLEeeeEhh”

The burger pattern is my new blog background and now I feel a little more complete inside.

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This is the sort of stuff I draw when I’m distressed. Fortunately, it has passed,

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* Monday, June 9 *

You can’t get everything you want, Mankanshoku.

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